Thursday, 9 November 2017

IRIS-H (alpha): Added OOXML Relationships file parser

Quick Summary

Build Version: 0.0.1(alpha)
Change Type: new feature
Affected Components: API & UI (clear browser cache to see the changes)
Short Description: Parser for OOXML "Relationships" file has been added. The parser detects and extracts hyperlinks to external sources.
Outstanding Tasks: None

Detailed Summary

"Relationships are represented in XML in a Relationships part. Each part in the package that is the source of one or more relationships can have an associated Relationships part. This part holds the list of relationships for the source part." - ECMA-376 Part 2 (section 9.3.3)

Relationships file example
A new parser for OOXML Relationships file has been added to IRIS-H. The parser is configured to read every Relationship in the Relationships file and extract hyperlinks pointed at external sources. See below for an example of a Relationship that will be detected:
<Relationship Id="_id_1633" Type="" TargetMode="External" Target="scRIPt:" />

The extracted hyperlinks will be displayed under "Suspicious Finding" panel. See below for an example:

"Suspicious Findings" example showing detected hyperlinks

Full report for the example above can be found here -

IRIS-H UI changes might require your Internet browser cache clean up for website to take effect.

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