Thursday, 16 November 2017

IRIS-H (alpha): Added OOXML 'Footer Part' parser

Quick Summary

Build Version: 0.0.1(alpha)
Change Type: new feature
Affected Components: API
Short Description: Parser for OOXML "Footer Part" has been added. The parser detects and extracts text content including special field characters.
Outstanding Tasks: None

Detailed Summary

"Footer Part contains the information about a footer displayed for one or more sections. Each Footer part is the target of an explicit relationship in the part-relationship item for the Main Document. Each footer has a corresponding 'ftr' element in a Footer part, which contains the text of the footer.ECMA-376 Part 1 (section 11.3.6)

A new parser for OOXML 'Footer Part' has been added to IRIS-H. The parser will detect and extract text content including special field characters. The extracted content can be found in a new panel under 'Individual Components' section on the report page. See an example below:

Example of a Footer Part panel showing extracted text content.

If the extracted content includes special field characters, they will be analysed for presence of blacklisted field character command and if any detected, the findings will be populated in 'Malicious Findings' panel on the report page. Below is the corresponding findings panel:

Corresponding findings panel showing detected field character type

Full report for the example above can be found here -

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